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Our Services

“What we do, who we serve and how we do it”

Our Services are streamlined and paperless

Process of paperless

1. Introduction

Book an appointment on-line. We discuss your financial needs through ZOOM visual conference

2. Budget

Based on your financial needs, we set up the services matching your objectives. We will ensure you are not being over serviced and accounting fees are within your budget, and you can sign the contract on-line

3. Outsourcing your accounting

Based on a client checklist we provide, you upload the documents through client portal. All the data are transferred and stored securely through cloud-based software

4. Continuing support

We perform our responsibility based on contract; you can login to your client portal to get your report; we reply to your concerns through a virtual meeting.

Our different services

Financial Statements

We are qualified to issue NTR financial statements, which ensure your compliance with CRA standard, protect you from review and audit; secure your loan application from bank and creditor; enable you to make informed decisions about your business. 

Corporate Tax

CPA issued NTR need be correctly translated to GIFI statements for tax purposes. Tax rates varies with different kinds of business and income. As a business owner, how to pay yourself will affect your overall tax saving.  To maximize your tax saving safety, contact a licensed accountant.

Personal Tax

We are specialized in complex personal tax services. Our services including:

• Personal Tax Return (T1) Preparation including partnerships

• Trust Tax Return (T3)

• Tax Planning

• CRA support


Incorporating your business will dramatically increase your tax savings.

    • • Complete and updated minute book


    • • Business, GST, and Payroll set up


    • Select to be federal or provincial incorporated based on your scenario


Our bookkeeping is on-line, synchronized, and paperless. Your bank statements and credit card statements are uploaded to our system. Each transaction is coded and assigned to its account correctly and Write-off are recorded timely. You can login client portal for your site.


We can help you to reduce hassle and stress of running payroll; strictly compliance with employment standard; timely file tax remittance, T4 and ROE; technically set up timesaving formular for commission, benefits, bonuses and RRSP matching; swiftly settle payroll difference with your employees.

Who we serve?


Accounting methods for contractors are unique and revenue recognition are complex. To be your accountant, we will inform you on biding, project profit, internal control and how to prevent an audit be selected for the first place.

Skilled Trades

For Plumbers, electricians, painters, HVAC, carpenters and many more, we provide all kinds of services which are tailored to your specific financial needs including loans and benefits application.



The tax saving for independent consultants is huge. To compensate the huge tax benefit, the tax compliance requirement is alarming complex and always updated. To be your accountant, your safety and profitability are our priority.

Alternative Health Care

Unlike health care practitioners receiving insurance payment, alternative health practitioners have clients directly make a payment. It is not uncommon for clients to pay in cash. Cash is easy be manipulated and falsification. How to improve your internal control to satisfy CRA, seek us with experience in CRA audit.



Many startups failed to get their business off the ground by underestimating the costs, demands and challenge to run a business. Outsourcing accounting to a CPA having worked with several high growth startups. You focus your daily business. your success is our success.

Retail & e-commerce

In addition, to manage cash flow, e-commerce and retail business owners must manage inventory lest an out-of-stock situation happens. Sales information needs to be synchronized to the QBO system seamlessly and timely. Owners need to make an informed decision based on instant management reports.

Our Main Packages

Chose a plan based on your business

Compliance Only

  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Reconcile credit card statements
  • Year-end adjustment
  • Financial statements NTR
  • Corporate tax
  • Prepare T5008 for contractors, T5 for owners
  • Tax planning
  • General business consulting
  • Smart Vault Subscription

Compliance Plus

  • All listed at Compliance Only
  • Setup Charter Accounts
  • Upload bank statements to QuickBooks monthly
  • Upload credit statements to QuickBooks monthly
  • Record write off timely
  • Code transactions and assign them to accounts
  • Generate monthly management report
  • Process accounts payable
  • Reconcile credit card expense and receipts
  • Process accounts receivable

Compliance Pro

  • Everything included in the Compliance Plus
  • Prepare payroll (Biweekly, monthly)
  • Employee login to electronic paystub
  • Prepare T4, ROE
  • Produce payroll remittance report
  • Employer login to get payroll report

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